Savings Plus

Savings Plus

Helps you build your nest egg

The Savings Plus account is specially designed for the serious saver who can maintain a monthly balance in excess of $5,000.00
Interest will be calculated on minimum monthly balances of $5000.00 or more, and paid monthly on the last day of each month, in the same period that it is earned.
Here are the features of your Savings Plus account Here are the benefits of your Savings Plus account

FREE OneCard (CariFs) Optional

Convenience of 24-hour access to account via the Blue Machine - the largest ABM network locally

Flexibility of paying for goods and services at merchants nationwide - no need to carry cash!

Immediate access to funds in an emergency

FREE trendy OneCard Wallet

Protects your OneCard from damage

FREE up to the minute access to account information with TeleBanker, using a touch-tone phone

No need to leave home! Access your account via touch-tone phone to:
    • check account balance
    • transfer funds from one account to another

No restrictions on deposits

Building a nest-egg is easy!
  • Monthly Service Charge - $5.00
  • Teller Withdrawal Fee $2.00 for Transactions less than $2,000
What you will need

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents:

New to Republic Bank?

Two (2) forms of Identification
Recent Utility Bill
The required amount to open the account

Existing Republic Bank customer

Two (2) forms of Identification
The required amount to open the account

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